What does BREXIT mean to you ?

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What does BREXIT mean to you ?

Do we buy or sell , leave or stay , what will change ? Things will change, I have no idea and nor do the politicians .

But why should we let this diminish our love of France, France isn’t going anywhere its the UK deciding to leave Europe , There are many non EU nationalities living very happily here and France welcomes them as it aids their economy .

For those of you who would still love to have a holiday home in France with or without BREXIT there is a safer solution and the figures do add up .

A long let (Location Meublé as la Grange or la Bergerie) this is a 4 to 12 month furnished let which you can keep on renewing every year . Let us look at the pros and cons, for a good quality 4 bedroom home that will sleep 10 has a 12×6 pool a garden , rural but close to civilization .


Buying a holiday home .

Cost £350,000.00.

Re-decorate £10,000.00

Furnish £15,000.00

Electrical goods £3000.00

Soft furnishings £1000.00

Outside furniture £500.00

Sub total £379500.00 initial outlay

Annual cost

Tax de habitation £800.00

Tax fonciere £600.00

Water £200.00

Electricity £ 1000.00 £900.00

Gas bottle £80.00 £50.00

Phone land line £360.00 £200.00

Internet £120.00

Insurance £800.00

Pool/gardener £2400.00

House maintenance £600.00

Pool maintenance £150.00

Sub total £7110.00


Renting a holiday home .

Rent £15000.00 per annum

Security/damage deposit £1000.00 one off payment


Electricity £900.00

Gas bottle  £50.00

Phone land line £200.00



You will have something to sell which may or may not have increased in value but capital gains can be anything up to 60%

Tying a large amount of money up which could be earning you 2% (£7590.00) or more and you still have your initial outlay guaranteed.

Things go wrong with the house, a Headache which can be expensive.

Thing that can go wrong: Replacement of items especial electrical.

Pool liners and pumps don’t last for ever. Storm damage



Change of circumstances a need for a quick sale.


Write into your contract to give 4 months notice to quit.

Using your nest egg to earn you an income

Someone is always there to keep an eye on things and put them right, No headache

Being able to try a different region  . after a year or two.


As far as I can see unless you are very wealthy I would rather rent any day let some one else look after things. We have a charming family in one of our properties , when they arrive the garden and pool are ready to be used and during their stay we see to the upkeep. They send me a shopping list before they arrive which I am more than happy to do . When their teenage children arrive at the station we collect them and take them shopping when necessary . They have their privacy but we are there when needed at no additional cost. What is there not to like .

If you are wanting to move to France I would recommend renting for a year just to make sure you are doing the right thing and are looking in the right place for you .The Tarn is a very central area for exploring other regions as we did 24 years ago its all about using your head and your heart . We have an enormous amount of knowledge and experience gleaned over the last 24 years and are more than happy to share it with you .

If you are just visiting to view properties in the area we have a very comfortable apartment for short lets . Find us on Facebook Les Volets Bleus or visit our web site www.lesvoletsbleus.com .