Lettings from 1 week minimum for holiday lets .
Prices vary from time of year and length of stay & are inclusive.

for mid-week travel can be half the price of Saturday and not as busy


Flying Gatwick to Toulouse
Saturday 21st July to Saturday 28th July mid price £314.84 return.
Wednesday 25th July to Wednesday 1st August mid price £136.07 return.

Ferry from Portsmouth to Caen 1 car and 4 adults plus a cabin the cheapest price.
Saturday 21st July to Saturday 28th July £784.00 return .

Wednesday 25th July to August 1st £574.00 return



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The Bastide Les Volets Bleus

The Tarn Department is predominantly rural with a low population and consequently miles of open roads and is well known for its beautiful countryside. The area is also famous for its wine and picturesque vineyards and offers a host of leisure activities including horse-riding, golf, fishing and canoeing and many others. Monestiés, our local 14th century village is 5 minutes away by car or a pleasant 15 minutes walk and offers a small supermarket, 2 restaurants , post office ,chemist medical practice and various festival and fête during the year . Albi is the major city of the area and is only 20 minutes away. Famous for its beautiful Cathedral and Toulouse-Lautrec museum it also offers extensive restaurant, leisure and shopping facilities. Toulouse airport is a 1½ hour drive, interrupted only by one set of traffic lights which makes a long weekend fly/drive break in spring or autumn very feasible. Carcassonne airport is 2 hours , and there are good rail links from Carmaux 10 minutes away , Carmaux also has all the shops and supermarkets you need and a traditional market on Friday.

So have a look at properties for long term rental : La Bergerie ou La Grange or our Apartment for short term lets . La Bergerie and La Grange are both pet friendly for long term rentals .